Why I support David Anderson

              You should vote for David Anderson because David is a thoughtful, purposeful, and compassionate person.  David would be my lifeline if I competed on ‘Millionaire’.      

        He has put a great deal of thought into a comprehensive strategy for improving the quality of life, bettering financial management of the city, and “unleashing the Entrepreneurs” to create an expanding base of quality jobs and services.          

   He is the only one who has presented a plan.  He is the only one with a proven record of action.  He is the only one who has made the case why he should be hired by you the voter.       

      Yet what motivates me to write this is the fact that I know he truly cares.   His actions speak for themselves. He served on two city committees. He has fought to save taxpayers money, such as opposing the 13 million dollar park facility and being the first to propose the 3 million dollar recreational facility. He truly is a taxpayer advocate.  He once told me that “we don’t earn our money for the government’s taking”.   

          David truly cares about children.  He helped me get a youth program started when everyone else seemed too busy.  He put me touch with the right people and even traveled around the state speaking to churches and community groups when I asked him. He has served on two school boards.      

         Bottom line………I have known David Anderson for 16 years and he has always been honest with me. I have personally observed David Anderson do anything he could to help people on numerous occasions.  David Anderson has always been a servant of the people. He taught me that I do have a voice in the government. I learned from him that our elected officials WORK FOR US!

David treats everyone the same, regardless of nationality, age, gender, etc. He listens to people’s concerns and often goes out of his way to help his neighbor.    Vote for  your neighbor DAVID ANDERSON,  Tuesday Nov.4th                                                                                            

        Alicia C. Martin MS                                                  Dover, DE

Note: This letter was written when I was considering running for city council in the special election.


5 responses to “Why I support David Anderson

  1. Dave, just make it clear that not only that i have MS but that i am a NCC and that i stand behind you 100%

  2. I am not a person that dabbles in politics, I am a mother that is trying to take care of her family…my husband and I work to keep our family afloat while raising 4 kids..there is no one I trust more to fight in my behalf in City Council . I don’t believe that I have ever known anyone in government that cares more about my family and it’s future than David Anderson. I trust Him..and I never thought that trust and politics could ever go hand in hand..well Mr. Anderson has made me a believer.

    Samantha S.

  3. Thanks Sam, you don’t know how much that means to me. Your ten dollars is in the mail. 🙂 Seriously thanks. My best to you and the family.

  4. From the time I have spent with David at Legislative Hall in Dover, I can assure you that he is the man for the job. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. He will serve you well!

  5. David: I totally support you and hope you run and get elected. Unfortunately, I live outside of Dover city limits and can’t vote for you, but rest assured, I would if I could. Keep me posted, bro! gh

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