Bill was right. It has cost us millions.

Dear editor,    I support David Anderson because he’s the taxpayer advocate running for city council.  I have known him since he was in junior high school.  I was impressed even then with his clear thinking public policy views.He has a plan to bring relief from both the upcoming electric rate hikes the recent tax and fee hikes imposed by council.  We know that electric rates are likely to rise this summer.  The question is how much?  David Anderson has worked with candidates in the 3 other districts to come up with a sound, common sense way to double the electric stabilization fund and roll back the property tax hike. The great news is that we don’t have to sacrifice services to do it. Unfortunately, there seems to be some tax and spend Kool Aid being served in City Hall.  The city budget has gone from about 85 million to over 100 million in two years and now we find that the city FY 06 revised budget will be over 109 million. We didn’t need a tax hike.  We were scammed! The antidote is to reject millions in unnecessary spending such as the 13.4 million dollar city hall expansion and  Therefore, I’m writing to ask for you to support him and team relief in the April 18th election.   You can cast your vote for David Anderson at the new Elks Lodge on Salisbury Road.  It will cost you the taxpayer millions if you don’t.  This is one city election you may kick yourself if you don’t vote.

 He is committed to bringing common sense principles to City Council and making Dover an even better place for us to live, work, worship, and raise our families.


Editor’s note: We have a fresh chance to make a difference this time.  I was only 8 votes away.  Please give me a chance November 20th.


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